Our Origins

It was the year 1953 when Alfonso founded the Mignolli Alfonso company. His great enthusiasm, passion and dedication have meant that the company has increasingly increased its productivity in a constant and dynamic way.

The Sons and Evolution

Now the company is also wisely run by the children. They manage the sawmill, the owned quarries, the transport, and take care of the promotion and development of the company not only nationally, but all over the world. Over the years, Mignolli Alfonso has been able to transform itself into a modern and technologically advanced company. The large and small internal and external works are combined with mechanical and manual work in a sort of symbiosis and in respect of those traditions that make their stone products truly unique.

Own Caves

The Mignolli Alfonso company deals with the extraction of Lessinia stone from its quarries, using means suitable for this kind of activity, but above all innovative. In Verona, the company is a well-known activity in the field, strong throughout the national territory but also reaching out to the foreign market.

Mission & Vision

The mission of Mignolli Alfonso derives directly from the values that the founders of the company have always had for their work. Passion, commitment, dedication and the utmost attention to relationships with customers: Having responsibility in the commitments made and always conceiving new ideas to meet different needs in constant change.
The naturalness and softness of the lines that marble can give, the discovery of solutions of rare beauty unthinkable only to imagine, the harmony of the tones and colors of the stone of our Lessinia, and the eternity of this material, are necessary pretexts. to have a work by Mignolli Alfonso.