Our Story

Our Origins

It was 1953 when the current owner set up the company Mignolli Alfonso. His immense enthusiasm, passion and dedication have allowed the company to continuously and dynamically increase its productivity. The owner Alfonso and his sons now diligently manage the company. They manage the sawmill, the company’s quarries, transport and look after the company’s public relations and development on a national and international scale. Mignolli Alfonso has been capable of becoming a modern and technologically advanced company over the years. Mechanical and manual work is carried out together with respect for tradition in small and large internal and external work and this goes to make its stone products truly unique.


Our Values

The mission of Mignolli Alfonso comes directly from the values that the founders have always had for their work and for maximum attention to relationships with their customers have responsibilities and commitments made in devising new ideas to meet different needs continuous change.


Lines, colors, environments that describe a way of life.

The naturalness and the softness of the lines that can give the marble, the discovery of solutions of rare beauty just unthinkable to imagine the harmony of tones and colors of the stone of our Lessinia, and the eternity of this material, excuses are needed to have a signed Mignolli Alfonso.

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