An important part of the company Mignolli Alfonso incredible creations are made with the Lessinia stone: material from the natural beauty, compact, which gives the furniture a unique and eternal in time. For more than 50 years the company has been designing and installation of Verona also achievements in marble, using materials from its own quarries and putting in the first person, the hands of the processes that are distinguished by quality and precision.


A stone suitable for any environment and working

The stone Lessinia is both white and pink, and thanks to the durability and compactness is suitable for any type of work to:
interior and exterior floors and walls;
fireplaces and stairs;
covers and benches;
stone face view.
An extensive review of company's solutions are based on a long-standing craftsmanship, but especially on a modern, equipped with technologies that allow the creation of furnishing solutions for homes, offices, shops and offices.


An Italian product

The Verona company employs its resources to promote and not only that, also exporting the beauty of the stone Lessinia worldwide. Those who want a refined space with great personality, you can choose the elegance and style of the creations of Brothers Mignolli.


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